The BIG Valentines Day Special: “Oh Weasel, Where Art Thou?”


Bicameral Fantasies: Fancy Pants Theatre’s Safari in the Political Jungle – State of the Union Edition, with Left Wing Lamb, Ollie Drew Triplenight & Captivating Coquette of Conservatism, Sassy Leah

Ask Oded: Lightning Round

Hung-over Hollywood Presents an Exclusive First Look at the Trailer for the Highly Anticipated Bio-Pic, “Pop Goes the Weasel” (inspired by the real life g-chat message — Brian: i think you need to have me and weasel breakup, i dont like how we are lovers, i know i can do better than weasel)

Incisive and Cogent Post-Party Analysis of Joey Pipes’ Birthday Party By Fancy Pants Theatre’s Resident Party-Experts, Weasel and Brian – Live from the Turkish Bath House!