Running List of FPT Slogans

It’s like a roundhouse kick to the groin inside your mind.

Making you scream louder than that time you saw ‘Menudo’ exiting their tour bus.

A snowflake of happiness in a winter of discontent.

Rescuing you from the bosom of boredom.

The last button of wit on a sweater bursting with supple somberness.

Grow up. blow up. stack your dough up.

Its like Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” on repeat. If by “Just Dance” you mean “head.” And by “repeat” you mean “a stick, in my front yard.”

A bastion of bosomly warmth.

More satisfying than hearing that that guy who used to beat you up in high school is now in jail.

The best cure for boredom since your inflatable Steve Guttenberg doll arrived in the mail

It was the inspiration for OMC’s hit single, “How Bizarre!”


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